President Obama’s De Facto Offshore Drilling Moratorium:
Unreasonable. Unwarranted. Unfair. Unlawful.

Soaring fuel costs, higher unemployment and increased dependence on unstable regimes for our nation’s energy needs are a direct consequence of the Administration’s war on domestic energy exploration and development.

President Obama says he has lifted the moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but he’s not telling the truth. So we are …

For almost a year, President Obama has suspended all deepwater drilling in the Gulf. In continuing this unmitigated abuse of his powers, the President stands in contempt of a federal court order … and wages war on domestic energy exploration and development.

It is a war that Americans cannot afford to lose. Join us in the fight to save domestic offshore drilling in the Gulf. Help us assure lower energy costs, create jobs, reduce oil imports and make us less dependent on a volatile Middle East for our energy needs.

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