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News Coverage for July 29, 2011

» Et tu, Ed Markey? Attack on oil revenue sharing is disingenuous and infuriating - Times-Picayune

News Coverage for July 28, 2011

» Lawsuit on Shell Drilling May Become ‘Backdoor’ Ban, Odum Says - Bloomberg

News Coverage for July 27, 2011

» Battle lines on offshore revenue sharing drawn on Capitol Hill - Times-Picayune

» House accepts GOP amendments to Interior bill, rejects Dem proposals - THE HILL

» Rep. Upton: We Can Eliminate Mid East Oil Imports - MSNBC

» Hastings vows oil revenues action after August break - THE HILL

» How Conflicts of Interest Hinder Offshore Drilling Regulation - Monitor (Risk Management)

» A Brighter Future…and Getting there - Fuel Fix

News Coverage for July 26, 2011

» House wades into offshore oil revenue fight - THE HILL

» Recusal policy reveals oil industry still has close ties with government - Fuel Fix (AP)

» Drill, baby . . . or maybe not - Washington Post

» Jobs depend on stepping up offshore drilling- Alabama Live

News Coverage for July 23-25, 2011

» Republicans float draft bill to reorganize offshore energy leasing- Platts

» Hastings unveils draft offshore drilling legislation - THE HILL

» Republican unveils offshore drilling oversight plan - Fuel Fix

» With rising gas prices, new study renews oil drilling debate - WTSP

» Drill More to Bring the Deficit Down - Big Government

» Don Briggs: Was the drilling moratorium necessary? - The Advertiser

» Feds’ offshore powers cover contractors - Fuel Fix

» Court Ramsay: Return Gulf of Mexico permitting rates to pre-2010 levels - Shreveport Times

» Drilling regulators will hold contractors liable for infractions - Fuel Fix

News Coverage for July 22, 2011

» Chances for gas pump price breaks appear slim - Fuel Fix (AP)

» Final report on Gulf disaster by Coast Guard to be delayed - Washington Post (AP)

» Was The Obamoratorium Even Necessary? - The Hayride

» Bluey: New Study Forecasts Huge Job Growth If Regulators Allow Gulf Oil Drilling - The Foundry

» Feds speeding up approval of well abandonment permits, Louisiana lawmaker says - Fuel Fix

» Study estimates costs of congested offshore permitting process - Oil & Gas Journal

» More drill inspectors needed, report says - Times-Picayune

» Hornbeck Offshore, MSRC Join Forces in GOM Spill Response - Rig Zone

» The Costs of the Gulf Drilling Permit Backlog - KUHF 88.7 Business News

» Faster permits for offshore projects could bring 230,000 new jobs in 2012 - Offshore Energy Today

» Study says Gulf permit backlog is costing jobs - Fuel Fix

News Coverage for July 21, 2011

» Issa Statement on Gulf of Mexico Energy Production Potential Report Today -