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» 230,000 more jobs if permits speeded? - Houston Chronicle

» Senate drilling safety measure in limbo - Houston Chronicle

» Holt: Oil’s Role in Solving the Debt Solution - Townhall

» Will the real price of oil please stand up? - Reuters

» Drillers say expect more rig downtime in post-Macondo world - Platts

» Offshore drilling study increase in drilling in Gulf could add 230,000 jobs - Washington Post (AP)

» Restoring Oil And Gas Production In The Gulf Of Mexico Would Add 230,000 Jobs - Forbes

» Oil spill bill’s fate uncertain after Senate panel’s adjournment - Politico

» Landrieu weighs options after drilling-revenue push stalls - THE HILL

» Oil Exploration Permit Delays Hinder Jobs Growth - Industry Week

» GoM activity congested by regulatory oversight, finds IHS study - Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

» Oil Exploration Approval by U.S. ‘Dramatically’ Slow, IHS Says - Bloomberg

» Slow pace of drilling a national issue, study says - New Orleans City Business

» CERA study: Faster drilling permits means more jobs - Fuel Fix

» Safety progress in Gulf justifies more permitting to bring back jobs - API

» Offshore safety bill faces revenue sharing fight - Fuel Fix

» Senate Offshore Safety Bill Would Put Interior Department in Charge of Investigating Itself - Project On Government Oversight

» IEA says it won’t extend release of emergency oil supplies - Bloomberg

» Oil tops $100 for first time since early June - Associated Press

» Drilling safety showdown arrives - THE HILL

» Crude Ends Higher on Steep Drop in U.S. Inventories - Wall Street Journal

» Sen. Landrieu optimistic about offshore revenue to Louisiana - Times-Picayune

News Coverage for July 20, 2011

» Pete Olson: Expansion of energy exploration is essential to economic turnaround - Fuel Fix

» The Obamoratorium Has Now Cost Us 10 Gulf Rigs - The Hayride

» Vitter: End moratorium on offshore drilling now - THE HILL

» Ten Oil Rigs Have Exited Gulf Since Obama Moratorium Went Into Effect - The Pelican Post

News Coverage for July 19, 2011

» US To Regulate Offshore Drilling Contractors In ‘Select’ Cases - Fox Business News

» White House opposes revenue-sharing in drilling safety bill - THE HILL

» Energy production and economic recovery go hand in hand for US - THE HILL

» Bingaman weighs counterattack on offshore revenue-sharing - THE HILL

» Bingaman weighs counterattack on offshore revenue-sharing - THE HILL

» Houston House members: Shuttle workers should inspect offshore rigs - Fuel Fix

» Editorial: Loosen U.S. Offshore Energy Exploration - Albuquerque Journal

» Western Gulf lease sale on track for December - Fuel Fix

» IEA is unlikely to extend emergency fuel release, survey shows - Fuel Fix

» Landrieu confident she has votes for offshore energy revenue-sharing - THE HILL

» Oil near $97 as U.S. crude supply drop expected - Fuel Fix

» Report: More Americans have green jobs than oil or gas jobs - Christian Science Monitor