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Obama’s Drilling Ban by the Numbers

July 12, 2011

Heritage Action for America posted the following today:

  • 33: the percent that capital spending dropped on account of the deepwater moratorium
  • 60,000: number of jobs lost due to the moratorium
  • 190,000: number of jobs that could be created by 2013 if the Gulf is open to drilling
  • 140: the percent that capital expenditures could increase by if the Gulf is open to drilling
  • 70: the percent increase that the offshore oil and gas industry would spend
  • 45 billion: total dollars of GDP contribution that would come from a return to drilling
  • 6: the number of months President Obama held a moratorium on offshore drilling
  • 9: the number of months since the moratorium was lifted, without a return to drilling
  • 33: the number of shallow-water permits for new wells issued since 6/8/2010
  • 5: the number of permits issued for deepwater wells that were in the process before moratorium
  • 1: the number of new deepwater wells issued since 10/12/2010

And let me add one more.

  • 0: what’s left of my patience.

Jim Adams

Jim Adams
President and CEO, Offshore Marine Service Association

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