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President Obama says he has lifted the moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but he’s not telling the truth. For almost a year, President Obama has suspended all deepwater drilling in the Gulf. In continuing this unmitigated abuse of his powers, the President stands in contempt of a federal court order … and wages war on domestic energy exploration and development.

It is a war that Americans cannot afford to lose. Join us in the fight to save domestic offshore drilling in the Gulf. Help us assure lower energy costs, create jobs, reduce oil imports and make us less dependent on a volatile Middle East for our energy needs.

Please sign on to our open letter to President Obama and help Americans get back to work in the Gulf.

504 Signers To An Open Letter To President Obama

  1. Signer: David Halik

    Why don’t you get out of the way and let someone who knows what he or she is doing to run the country and get this nation back to work to be proud instead of being a laughing stock of the world. Do the right think and ask for a new election.

  2. Signer: William Leyendecker

    Do it now.

  3. Signer: Alan Thompson

    America needs to get rolling and your methods are not working!

  4. Signer: Ronald O. Dahl

    Put the people back to work,lift the moratorium!

  5. Signer: HARREL B BRUCE

    2012 can fix this problem vote out all of those who support OBAMA. Americans by now have seen OBAMA for what he is a 1 term president.

  6. Signer: Dominick DiNielli
  7. Signer: Victoria Macklin

    Stop hurting the american public. I have friends who have run out of their unemployment and who are in danger of losing their homes because they are unable to find jobs. Jobs need to increase not decrease

  8. Signer: Blake Miguez

    Let’s get back to drilling so that our Gulf Coast citizens can go back to work. How is it unsafe to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico yet safe everywhere else in the world?!? Simple, this moratorium is strictly political driven! Our last congressional election should have sent a clear message to Washington that we will not stand for this type of action from our government. The next election is right around the corner!

  9. Signer: Robert Kramer

    How can you justify encouraging Brazil to drill for oil while stifling drilling in our country?

  10. Signer: Jude Primeaux

    Remember the Oil and Gas industry provides the fuel for our vehicles, airplanes etc. In addition it also produces the ingredients to create fertilizer, plastics, tires, etc, etc,etc,etc,etc…..The implementation of fueling municipal vehicles with domestically abundant natural gas would also provide a vast amount of jobs through out the country. Amazing that Brazil has provided their citizens with the option to use natural gas in their personal vehicles. We have all the ingredients for success — all we need is a director!!!

  11. Signer: Jude Primeaux
  12. Signer: R.V. Pepper

    Let’s get drilling!

  13. Signer: Patrice Delatte
  14. Signer: Kendall Chauvin
  15. Signer: Maxine Pokornik

    when will you realize the American People don’t want/need your ‘czars’ to ‘nudge’ us into YOUR ideals? America does BETTER than every other country when not hamstringed by unnecessary rules/regulations? You, and YOU ALONE have brought this about-mostly w/o the congress, since you ‘do an end-run’, every time they don’t pass your monstrous,burden-some bills.

  16. Signer: Susan Holcomb

    Why are we spending money to pay other countries for what we could do ourselves in exactly the same place in the Ocean, bringing jobs into the US and getting us what we need for much less????

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