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The Obama Administration’s Moratorium on Transparency

April 15, 2011

The Obama Administration says it will no longer issue press releases announcing new permits for deepwater oil drilling. It seems the Administration believes that issuing one permit every 12 months for new deepwater exploration is routine and no longer news.

We have some news for the President: We are not back to normal by any measure. Gulf workers are idle as Americans are paying more than $4 a gallon for gasoline. And absent any intervention to lift the de facto moratorium on oil drilling, Americans will soon be paying $5 to $6 a gallon. Time to get out your bikes, buggies and beeswax candles.

Americans are already cutting back on driving; summer vacation plans will be next. Airfares are rising, and so are prices for food and consumer products. The only things that are falling are Americans’ disposable incomes and the President’s approval ratings.

Of course, there’s a simple solution to putting us back on the road to lower gas prices: offshore drilling.

President Obama appears to have no qualms about offshore drilling, as long as it’s done somewhere else. Earlier this year, he told Brazil’s leaders that he was looking forward to importing more of their oil. “We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers,” Obama said.

Yes, it seems we won’t be seeing any more headlines on permit approvals in the Gulf. Here’s another headline you won’t see on a White House press release: Americans Suffer as Obama Administration Ignores Simple Solution.

Jim Adams

Jim Adams
President and CEO, Offshore Marine Service Association

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